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Rooting Android--The Living Misconception


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In this 21st century Android is a OS for the general and with android a term underlying Android is Rooting.

So,What is Rooting??
Rooting is the process of gaining administrative control on your Android device by which a user can become a power user and can tweak the operating system according to its own will and choice. Seems good right?? Actually it is but sometimes not which we will be knowing soon why and how.
Rooting is something that a normal person wont do to his or her device. There is a common misconception that rooting harms your device and makes it completely fake and un-usable. I have seen many people saying all such rubbish stuff I dont know why. Rooting is just gaining a deeper control on your android device which every user wants to have on a device he owns. ROOTING DOESNT MEAN USING A CUSTOM ROM!!! You can also root your stock rom and enjoy the extra privileges.

Enough talking, lets see the what rooting does to your Android.


As I said earlier rooting gives you administrative control on your Android which helps a lot. I am keeping it till 4 since there are many advantages of rooting and i cant write all of them

1.Tweaking the experience of your device: By rooting your android device you can get the control to do a lot of tweaks to your Stock(as well as custom rom flashed) android device like changing your BootAnimation, Font style, and even the User Interface of your Android device using the newly developed Substratum Engine by various developers like Nicholas Chum and many others and applying some of the hundreds of Substratum themes by various themers available in the Play Store(A true hatsoff to you all for making such things possible). These themes help you to customize your android experience from head to toe giving you the power to change your general android UI according to your own will.

2. Lightening your Android Device: Although OEMs are tending towards making the UI of their devices more and more lighter and cleaner still many OEMs are there who continue to bloat their Android devices using unwanted apps which are not at all used by the users. These apps continue running in the background , sucking huge amounts of data and battery. Most of the OEMs dont give the option to its users to uninstall these apps and hence users have a really bad android experience. So how rooting helps in this case?? If a device is rooted you can access its system and can easily delete the preinstalled apps from your android system which in turn gives you a better android experience and a lot better battery life. This also Frees up huge storage which is like a divine blessing on low memory devices

3. Tweaking the Performance of your device: One of the most important reason of rooting is giving the user to control the performance of the device. The user himself can tweak it by ovrclocking the device or changing the min/max frequencies of the CPU according to his or her usage time. If the device battery is low one can tune to a lower freq for a while or change the scaling of the CPU to minimise the power consumption. If a Gamer Guy is out there he can tune is device to a Max CPU/GPU frequency to get the best gaming experience.

4. Automate Nearly EverythingYou've probably heard of Tasker. You don't need to root your phone to use it, but if you're rooted, it can do a whole lot more. Certain tasks, like toggling 3G, GPS, changing CPU speed, turning the screen on, and others require root access. So, if you want to get the full benefit of an app like Tasker, you'll definitely want to root your phone. 

As I said in the introduction that sometimes its not good to root your device. Now lets talk about the other side of the coin.

1. The process: The process of rooting is a bit risky which can lead your android device turn unusable. If the process of rooting is not correct the result turns out to be bootloop where your device gets stuck in the bootscreen and doesnt turn on. We will be learning more about bricking and bootloop in upcoming posts. Till know just know that if you can't root your device in a proper way it can result to infinite booting.

2. The Warranty:

Dont know why still OEMs discourage rooting which results in voiding the warranty of your device. Some OEMs do support warranty cover after rooting but maximum dont as a result users get harrassed to repair their damaged device.

My Opinions:
So after reading  the post its up to you all whether you support root or not but I strongly support rooting as there are more useful things that we can do by gaining administrative power. If we dont root android then what will be the difference between us and iOS users???

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