Friday, 25 November 2016

Google Daydream

What is Google Daydream?
Google Daydream is a virtual realty platform developed exclusively by Google for its android devices running Android Version 7.0 and above. Different from its previous VR Platform Google Cardboard the Google Daydream is built into the devices natively terming the devices as the "Daydream Ready" devices.

Will I get daydream on my device??
Google Daydream offers a rich virtual reality experience which also requires a lot of hardware and software support.
To offer a rich VR experience a sufficiently powerful SoC is needed to render two 60fps videos and a minimum 1080p resolution screen to offer you not the best but a decent experience.
Apart from that the phone needs to support Bluetooth 4.2 LE
NFC and sensors like gyroscope is also needed
The device needs to run on Android 7.0+, a minimum version requirement for the Google Daydream support and your OEM must push the support for daydream when pushing the android version update.

Currently the Google Pixel XL and Pixel supports the Daydream feature. On the side if Non-Google OEM Motorola is the 1st company to push Daydream support for its Moto Z  and Moto Z Force while pushing the 7.0 update.

The Daydream Headset:
The Daydream Headset is also a VR headset from the house of Google made specifically for the Daydream Ready devices. According to Google it is made of soft breathable fabric and is lightweight. It comes with a controller which is motion sensitive and gives you a wonderful VR experience specially in gaming. The headset comes in 3 different colors and depends upon the users which one to pick.

My opinions on the Daydream concept:
 It is a concept not for the masses. Yes its a good start for sure. Not only your device needs Daydream support but also a Daydream headset which costs around $80(around Rs. 6000/-). Apart from that its available on only a few phones like the Pixel and Moto Z. No doubt that the build quality and the experience of the headset is awesome but is only limited to Flagship Devices. Not only that the apps also need to Daydream Support, and at this point there are very few apps supporting Daydream though Google has told that many apps will be having the support by the end of this year so lets hope for the best.

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