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5 Things most Android users do wrong with their devices


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Nowadays Android has become an OS for the general public all over the world. I have met many people to know what they think about Android and about their usage.... and i was shocked after knowing some facts about their thinking about android and its usage.
As a result I decided to post about some serious mistakes users do after buying a device.

1. Installing Android cleaner apps:
      The 1st thing most Android users do after getting their device is installing SO CALLED
"ANDROID CLEANING APPS" which claim to make your phone faster and assure you better battery life and cooling down your device.I wont name any of those apps but you all readers know. These apps are nothing but just crap. They themselves become heavy and suck your battery and show you unwanted advertisements like fast charging mode and bla bla bla......They even send random personal data from your device in the name of protecting your device from viruses.  They clean the cache of your OS telling that they are cleaning your device. The cleaning of cache makes your device even more slower. Now WHAT IS CACHE??? 
As you use applications, your device start storing files for reference later. These files are stored in an app "cache." For instance: When you're using the an app, it'll save images and other pieces of the stories you've read so that they don't have to be downloaded each and every single time the app needs them. This saves you time and data. Then why should we clear cache??? If cache was meant to be cleaned why would Google implement this feature in their OS???
What they do in the name of making device faster. basically they just kill the running apps in your device. You may say thats good. But when you again relaunch the app it takes a long time to launch and also more battery..... DOES LONGER APP LAUNCH TIME MEAN A FASTER DEVICE????

2. Running device on battery-saver mode(Always).

     I have seen many users running their devices on battery saver mode always. WHAT IS BATTERY SAVER MODE??? Battery saver mode is running your android with your CPU capped at a mean frequency. Taking my device as an example its freq range is 1.2GHz - 300MHz . When running battery saver mode my device CPU frequency gets capped at 787Mhz. It turns off background sync which is good.But when you run your device on battery-saver mode for doing normal day to day activities extra load is put on the CPU for carrying out a basic task. This makes the process a bit slow and even sucks more battery instead of saving battery. So according to me running the device on battery saver mode for a long time is not a recommended idea. Yes you may run on this mode when you are really in need to save battery for emergency but not always

3. Not turning on USB debugging mode in developers options:

      A few days ago I came across a friend of mine asking help for his corrupted device due to faulty software update download. But he didnt turn on USB debugging mode in his device. Look this is a serious issue and may happen with any one of us due to faulty download of update. If usb debugging is turned on via developer option mode you can easily download the update in .zip form and flash it using fastboot mode. So according to me turning on USB debugging is a positive thing for your device's future.

4. Installing apps from 3rd party sites:

       I have seen many users using cracked apks of many apps. According to them they dont want to waste money on Android apps. But they dont even know whattrap they are into. Once i saw on my friends mobile that fullscreen ads springing up on the device screen when he was working with mobile data turned on. He told that he was suffering the issue for the last few days. After looking for the cause of the problem for a long time found out that a cracked apk was the cause of the problem. After uninstalling the app the problem was gone. The sites which put up these cracked apks on their site 1st decompile the app and put in the codes for ads and downloading additional bloats on their device for making their profit. As a result when you install these apps they download data whick makes your device slower and also unwanted ads on your device and sometimes even share your personal data. So STOP PIRACY AND RESPECT DEVELOPERS FOR HARD WORK!!!

5. Installing apps as much as you want:
    Apps are the backbone of an OS. But downloading apps like a mad is not a good idea. Keeping unused apps on your device takes a lot of space on your device as well as their data is stored in your internal storage which slows down the read and writing speed of the device memory due to huge number of folders and data. Sometimes uninstalling an app doesnt solve the problem and some data remains in internal storage in folders. So we must download the apps we only want and regularly use. The best way to keep your device clean is factory resetting your device every 6months after backing up necessary data.

Thanks friends for reading this post spending your valuable time. I dont intend to harm sentiments of  users and any app developers.
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