Saturday, 26 November 2016

Hard Brick, Soft Brick and Bootloop Expla!ned


Brick is a very dangerous state of Android devices where your android device just becomes unusable like a plastic brick as the name suggests.
 So lets discuss the types of bricks and how it happens and whether they are fixable or not.

1. Soft Brick
Soft brick is a type of brick which is caused by anytype of software problems resulting to Bootloop.
Now what is Bootloop?? Bootloop is a state of android where your android enters a phase of infinite looping of booting phase where either your BootAnimation goes on and on and on and your device never turns on or your device automatically enters bootphase again and again after vibrating and turning off. Both case your device becomes unusable. The main reason behind this is a corrupted software or OS update and can happen to any user irrespective of stock or custom rom on their phones.

All though soft brick may seem dangerous but there is no reason to panic. It can be fixed by any non technical person. Even a noob android user can fix it himself without any data loss.

Fixing a Soft Brick or Bootloop :
For a Stock Rom user bootloop can occur when a OS update is corrupt doesnt mean that the update pushed is always corrupt. It also depends upon the download of the update. So the easiest way is to re-download the update(many sites are available where users post a OTA capture in form of a zip file), put it in the root of your sd card and use recovery to apply the update via sd card. VOILA!!! its now fixed.

For a rooted Custom Rom user having TWRP or any custom recovery can redownload his or her custom rom and can do a flash of the rom which generally fixes the issue. Even a theme can cause a bootloop , in that case one must use TWRP and access the system bis the TWRP file manager to delete the installed app and reboot the device. Any other reason for bootloop pls tell in the comments.

2. Hard Brick:
Hard brick is a more dangerous form of brick which makes the device totally nonfunctional, in some cases device dont even charge when connected to a charger and you cant even enter the recovery of your device. Its very complicated and can happen due to any reason. Some of the reasons are flashing a ROM or a kernel which is not made for your device, messing with the system files of your device without proper knowledge of what you are doing. There are very less or no chances to recover from this state by a noob.

Fixing a Hard Bricked device: You can recover from hard brick by using JTAG or send your Phone to JTAG service center to get it fixed, which means you no longer need to buy a new one. Apart from this there is also a ADB method where you need to reflash your stock rom by connecting your device to a PC via a USB cable but depends upon the situation

Final Words: Its best to follow the proper development of your device to avoid encountering with such type of issues

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